Adirom fans are based on Acme (USA) know-how and manufactured from the highest standard rust-resistant materials under strict quality control supervision.

The fans provide high volume, advanced climate control, ideal for flower and vegetable greenhouses, industrial plans and warehouses.

Fan and Pad System
Increasing humidity and reducing temperature


  • Available in 1-2 m. height
  • High efficiency
  • Economical operation

Exhaust fans
Models: 24", 30", 36", 50" for air exchanging

Air Circulation fans

Ventilators for air circulating in the greenhouse creates a stream of constantly recycled air around the plants.

Special benefits:

  • Even distribution of hot air
  • Homogenous temperature
  • Removal of humidity clouds and leaf drying
  • Economical use of agrechemicals
  • Heat reduction in open greenhouses

The result - record high quality crops!
Exhaust Fan
Fan & pad system
Air circulation

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